2 Blade wooden propeller – Air cooled


2-blade fixed-pitch wooden propellers with air cooling profile designed for Moster 185 engine line

These propellers are exclusively designed for Moster 185 and cover the whole line of engines (Classic, Plus, Silent, Factory, M19). The special profile of these propellers secures the optimal cooling of the thermal group. Available diameters are 115, 120, 125 and 131 cm.

Lead times are normally 10-14 days from point of order and receipt of the propellor details form which needs to be downloaded and emailed to the office: Fly@greendragons.co.uk

Download form here

The production of propellers includes the following steps:

  • production of 4 to 5 layers laminated hardwood blocks (birch, oak, ash-tree and beech);
  • CNC Router cutting;
  • propellers are precoated and grounded and rough balancing is made;
  • props are varnished and balanced;
  • drilling is made and final check of balance is done.
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