2 Blade wooden propeller – standard


2-blade fixed-pitch wooden propellers

2-blade fixed-pitch wooden laminated propellers are suitable for engines from 10 hp till 40 hp. Available diameters are from 110 cm till 131 cm.

Lead times are normally 10-14 days from point of order and receipt of the propellor details form which needs to be downloaded and emailed to the office: Fly@greendragons.co.uk

Download form here

The production of propellers includes the following steps:

  • production of 4 to 5 layers laminated hardwood blocks (birch, oak, ash-tree and beech);
  • CNC Router cutting;
  • propellers are precoated and grounded and rough balancing is made;
  • props are varnished and balanced;
  • drilling is made and final check of balance is done.
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