BHPA Approved Hang Glider Fun Days


BHPA Approved Hang Gliding Fun days

A paragliding, parascending or hang gliding fun day is a day spent learning about our sport and getting you ready for your first solo flights. They focus on having a lot of fun whilst keeping you safe as you make your first steps into the sky. They are a perfect gift idea for that special someone or as a taster day before signing up for the Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot courses for the unsure would-be pilot.

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Our fun days are very popular and are delivered in a tailor-made format so you progress quickly and safely along a BHPA recognised training program. Our instructors will introduce you to the equipment and teach you how the equipment works on the ground before you move onto the next steps. Once you are confident on the ground you will move onto small hops from our smallest training hill where you will float a few feet above the ground before making a safe soft landing. The final stage is to complete a number of small flights from a larger slope to experience the amazing feeling of flying like the birds. Throughout the flight, our experienced instructors will be watching you and in constant communication with you to safely guide you back down to earth.

Be warned, Hang Gliding and Paragliding is highly addictive! We often find that many of our Fun Day customers are hooked from their first flight and sign up for a course to become a solo pilot. Because of this, your Fun Day can count towards your Elementary Course if booked within 2 months of completing the Fun Day

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What to expect on the day

On the day expect to have a lot of fun and a great adventure day out leading up to you flying solo. Our Fun Days are social events so we encourage you to bring your family and friends to watch the experience and cheer you on from the side-lines.

We start in the morning with a meeting and briefing at our head office where we will sign you up as day members of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association who are the governing body of our sports within the UK. The BHPA have been developing safe training programmes for over 30 years and oversees all of our training and certifies that our school is a safe place to learn how to fly.

We will then introduce you to all of the equipment, how it works and how it keeps you safe in the air. We will practice our landing drills or PLFs which means rolling around on the floor for a few minutes before we start ground training. Once we are familiar with the equipment, we will practice some inflations and ground runs on a flat field to make sure you are comfortable with controlling the direction of the glider.

Only when you are comfortable will we move onto your first hops and the feeling of leaving the ground. Our skilled instructors will help you launch your glider, show you how to glide to the landing field a short distance below and how to complete a safe controlled landing followed by a graceful deflation of the glider. You will repeat this stage a number of times until you and your instructors are happy that you are ready to fly solo.

The final stage is your solo flights from a higher take-off to experience a longer flight. This is the highlight of the day and what you have been working towards in the first 2 stages of the day. You will be under the constant supervision and in communication with your highly experienced instructors throughout the flight so you are in safe hands. During the flight you will complete gentle turns, alter the speed of the glider and learn to flare effectively for a soft landing.

At the end of the day, we have a de-brief to discuss the events of the day. Our instructors will welcome your feedback and explain the next steps of becoming a solo pilot should you be interested in continuing your training with us. Remember, if you convert to a course within 2 months your Fun Day counts as day 1 of your BHPA Elementary Pilots Course.

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