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We are the only BHPA school within the M25 and being based just south of Croydon we are extremely easy to get to from most parts of London. Being based in a farm location and having our own 100% private flying sites we can fly all year round in almost any wind direction. Our private flying sites are perfect for learning with gentle shallow slopes and short retrieves before your next flight means more flights per day. This is critical when learning to fly and is what makes us stand out from other schools that use public sites to train on.

We have taught people from all walks of life from the CEO of major companies to the surfer types who love being at one with nature. Our school is run in a friendly but disciplined manner to keep our students safe and has a great history of producing competition level pilots in all disciplines. Our students can do intensive courses or learn more slowly due to the lack of free time and commitments of modern-day life. Although we specialise in training people to fly hang gliders and paragliders we also offer a wide range of services including, tandem flights, fun days, paramotor training and parascending days. We are confident that we can offer you the training you need whatever your chosen path is to get you airborne.

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BHPA Club Pilot Course

If after completing your Elementary Course, you want to continue flying then the next step is to complete the Club Pilot Course. The Club Pilot Course will give you the skills and confidence to fly unsupervised and continue your development into an independent pilot.

Our BHPA approved course is full of theory lectures and practical tasks focusing on your development as a pilot. During the course, you will complete lots of flights to improve your launching and landing techniques. The flights will be longer in duration, also they will be higher than before so you can complete more complicated tasks to improve your piloting skills and improve your confidence.

The Club Pilot Course goes into more detail about how our equipment works and there are multiple theory classes to improve your understanding of the sport. The theory classes prepare you for real-life practical flying situations and there is a simple multiple-choice written exam to complete at the end of the course. Don’t worry, you will be exam ready by the end of the course and our team of instructors will be able to help you should you need extra assistance.

Completing the Club Pilot Course is your first solo rating and allows you to fly unsupervised at our sites and other club sites in the UK and beyond. You will have practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will keep you safe and open the door to an amazing life-changing adventure.

Our site and methods allow us to train more days a year than any other school which means you will learn faster. We teach hill flying and use winching to supplement this training on days when other schools would be grounded. Andy Shaw has developed a newly approved by the BHPA form of towing called parallel towing. This is a brilliant way for Andy to be in direct visual and vocal contact with the students whilst on and off tow. Using this form of towing our students are able to rapidly progress through their Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot training in both paragliding and hang gliding.

Sign yourself up for the course that opens the door to the wonderful world of paragliding!

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