Charly quick out Inserts (Pair)


Quick out inserts for Charly Quickout Karabiner.

Material: Aluminium 7075 T6 (Titanal)
Breaking load: 4.000 daN*
Weight: 48 g / piece

*1 daN (dekanewton) = 10 Newton ≈ 1 kg

More information

A release test must be conducted before use! If you did not order the QUICK-OUT EXTRA INSERT together with a QUICK-OUT carabiner, compatibility must be tested. Should the insert not tip out easily when loaded only by its own weight, the QUICK-OUT housing must be sent in together with the insert for a check by the manufacturer.

Please note when using the QUICK-OUT: Swapping the release buttons is dangerous to life. In our instruction manual, Finsterwalder point out that the release button located on the opposite side of the installation slot must not be dismounted when attaching the carabiner to the harness. It may only be removed for cleaning purposes after the carabiner had been exposed to salt water. However, to prevent swapping the release buttons, only one button at a time may be dismounted.

Karabiners not included.

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