Ellipse – Condor Hang gliding harness


Ellipse Condor Hang Glider Harness

The Condor, harness intended for pilots looking for the top of the range.

The Condor is made to measure, it combines comfort and performance. The harness has been optimized thanks to the integration of a third outer skin which gives it an excellent surface finish in order to reduce drag as much as possible. We exclusively use textured Nylon or PX10 fabrics bonded industrially to the inside of a fine dense foam, in order to erase micro-folds.

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After several years of manufacture, the harness arrives in its third version. The overall line is thinner. The cut of the harness better conforms to the pilot which makes the harness thinner at the hips. The boot is longer and can be used as a storage box.

Sophisticated mechanics for comfort and efficiency

The structure of the Condor harness is made up of a carbon fiber back plate to save rigidity and weight, as well as a fiberglass core to provide cushioning through flexibility. The long back plate conforms to the morphology of the pilot, and allows a perfect cohesion with the shoulders and the neck of the pilot. It is articulated at the pelvis, thus facilitating mobility during the take-off and landing phases. The backplate has a rail where the carrying strap moves, allowing easy change of  position. The size and position of this rail provide very good resistance to the standing position during the landing phase.

A manual system (cam cleat) or an automatic “kick-ass” type system makes it possible to adjust the incidence of the harness according to the flight phases, thermal or transitions.

There are plenty of storage pockets to store the cover and all of the wing’s protections. On the outside, several pockets are accessible in flight as well as an original hatch to house the radio and be able to control it in flight.

Weight in the bag without parachute: 9.5 kg for a 1.75 m pilot

Harness Options (Contact office when buying)


  • Integrated Lycra jacket

    Vest integrated directly on the harness for a high-end finish and aerodynamics

  • Ellipse lycra jacket
  • Integrated sleeves

    Removable integrated sleeves

  • Detachable hood collar
  • Profiled collar
  • Velcro closure with additional zip

    The velcro closure allows a quick change by your care of the closure in case of wear.

  • Custom-made carrying strap
  • Aluminium Carabiner

    Aluminium carabiner for more lightness

  • Gourd 
  • Braking parachute
  • Hang-gliding parachute EVO 22 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding parachute EVO 24 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding parachute EVO 30 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding parachute SMART L – Independence

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