Ellipse – Switch Hang gliding harness


Ellipse Switch Hang Glider Harness

The SWITCH is the ultimate leisure harness, it is intended for both beginners and experienced pilots.
The harness is made to measure, around a tubular, robust, light back frame. The load-bearing straps are attached to this structure on each side of the pilot’s hips. This configuration of double straps ensures perfect stability of the harness. A rope system at the front and rear of the harness provides balance in pitch and limits its amplitude.

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An innovative harness

The particularity of this generation of leisure harness is the raised position which is extremely easy to obtain. An innovative articulation at the level of the installation of the carriers on the frame allows this spectacular result.

The SWITCH has an original trim setting which optimizes drag and comfort depending on the phases of flight. The volumes and storage pockets have been redesigned to obtain a nice profile.
The interior of the harness is made with industrially pre-glued foam. The outer fabric is Cordura.

Before ordering your harness, please tell us your measurements (in cm). The measurements (listed below) are to be taken in pants, t-shirt and flight shoes.

  • Pilot height (standing with shoes)
  • Shoulder height (middle of the clavicle)
  • Navel height (center of gravity)
  • Chest circumference (loosely)
  • Waist circumference
  • Hip circumference (without tightening)
  • Thigh Circumference
  • Shoe size
  • Arm length
  • Pilot weight
  • Parachute pocket (right or left)

Different colors are available.

  • S = pilot from 1,40m to 1,65m (<65kg)
  • M = pilot from 1,60 (>60kg) to 1,85m (<80kg)
  • L = pilot from 1,75 (>80kg) to 2,00m
  • The ZIPPER is Made in a Black Cordura. It have a parachute pocket made of a blue or grey PVC.
Harness Options (Contact office when buying)


  • Ellipse lycra jacket
  • Integrated sleeves

    Integrated lycra sleeves

  • Detachable hood collar
  • Profiled collar
  • Velcro closure with additional zip

    The velcro closure allows a quick change by your care of the closure in case of wear.

  • Custom-made carrying strap
  • Gourd 
  • Braking parachute
  • Hang-gliding parachute EVO 22 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding Parachute EVO 24 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding Parachute EVO 30 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding Parachute SMART L – Independence

Large, Medium, Small

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