Ellipse – Zipper Hang gliding harness


Ellipse Zipper Hang Glider Harness

The ZIPPER is simple, ultra light and without structure. In a standing position, the pilot is in an upright position, a reassuring position during landing and imperative for the novice pilot.

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An original harness adjustment system with lacing in the back tightens the harness around the chest and prevents it from slipping forward under the weight of the parachute. The knees are free and the legs are not hindered during take-off.

The length of the footrest is easily adjusted using a cam buckle.

The ZIPPER is available in 3 size.

  • S = pilot from 1,40m to 1,65m (<65kg)
  • M = pilot from 1,60 (>60kg) to 1,85m (<80kg)
  • L = pilot from 1,75 (>80kg) to 2,00m
  • The ZIPPER is Made in a Black Cordura. It have a parachute pocket made of a blue or grey PVC.
Harness Options (Contact office when buying)


  • Braking parachute
  • Hang-gliding Parachute EVO 22 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding Parachute EVO 24 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding Parachute EVO 30 HG Annular – Independence
  • Hang-gliding Parachute SMART L – Independence

Large, Medium, Small

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