Parajet – Volution 3 Paramotor


Parajet – Volution 3 Paramotor

Unmistakably a Parajet Volution, but stronger, broader and more muscular than ever, not at a whim but to tame and control the thrust of the Thor 250. Designed to empower the heaviest of pilots and provide a new level of freedom for pilots who have difficulty running or with impairment of feet, legs or back; Volution 3 can be foot-launched or paired with our Falco trike to provide mobility beyond expectation.

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The Volution 3 is unquestionably a powerful addition to the Parajet family. It’s the go-to paramotor for the bulkier experienced pilot, the tandem cruiser or trike addict ready to chase the next horizon. Upgraded in all areas to handle the aggressive performance of the mighty Polini Thor 250 engine, not by merely adding more of the same, instead of using decades of experience to produce a fine blend of unequivocal strength and maximum safety. While this third generation of Volution still carries the aesthetic torch of its predecessors and builds on its heritage, it is a paramotor not just evolved, but transformed.

EASY AS 1,2,3,4


The value of your leisure time is inestimable. When you have the impulse to fly, you want to get airborne without the drawn out assembly time. Volution 3’s plug-and-play aerofoil cage system strips away the complexities of construction and any need for tools. The simplistic four-part cage accelerates setup time, increasing the anticipation and enjoyment in the moment. In no time you’re ready to throw it on your back and start having fun while your mates are left struggling on the flying field with a plethora of paramotor parts.


Everything about this behemoth is designed to improve power-to-weight ratio. To maximise performance without sacrificing efficiency. On the ground, the wider stance offers greater stability and control while high-tension, wide-profile aluminium uprights give unmatched rigidity and strength. In the air, the geometry and configuration guarantees you superior airflow, reduced wind resistance and the best possible thrust line, so you benefit from an optimum flight position, excellent safety, superior comfort and dynamic in-flight agility.


There’s no argument. With its lively Polini Thor 250 engine delivering a crescendo of thrust, accompanied by the throaty sound of its 36 horses, the Volution 3 is truly a beast. Heavy, for sure. By once airborne this sacrifice is offset by the feeling of power and smoothness, ideal for sporty ambitious pilots who want to push the pace, fly more miles and have more fun turning at full speed. All this power requires greater expertise from the foot-launched pilot but the V3 is born to be fitted to our Falco trike. You get all its beauty and power without the handicap of that extra weight.


Striking the perfect balance between safety and sublime comfort, the Volution 3’s harness hugs you intimately for a more immersive experience and synergistic relationship with your glider. Its perfect geometry removes the perplexities of getting into the harness after take-off – just raise your knees to slide effortlessly and completely into the seat every time. Whether going for a leisurely jaunt, cross-country excursion or for training, you’ll be best equipped for the most varied of flying adventures.



Many pilots simply do not have the physical ability, strength or stamina to manage footlaunch with a heavy paramotor on their back. Meticulously handcrafted by Parajet’s master welder Ian Watson, the Falco trike works in partnership with the Volution 3 paramotor to offer pilots the option of both foot and wheeled launches, and to give those who have difficultly running or with impairment of feet, legs or back have an option to fly. Large pneumatic tyres and removable cantilever rear axles give the right amount of suspension and creates a wide wheel base for a low centre of gravity. Falco’s forks eliminate excessive speed wobble and reduce over-sensitive steering. An easy hangpoint system offers both solo and tandem configurations so friends and family have an opportunity to join you in the sky and share in the experience of freedom and adventure we cherish.

Construction : 6082 Aircraft Alu-Magnesium Alloy

Height : 1464mm / 57.6 in
Diameter : 1460 mm / 57.5 in
Depth : 466 mm / 18.3 in
Weight : 16.8 kg / 37 lbs Standard

Standard Tank : 14 ltrs / 3.7 USGal




Parajet throttle, Polini throttle, Vittorazi Throttle


Left handed, Right handed

Harness size

Small/Medium, Large/XL

Frame colour

Aluminium and blue, White and black, Black and ruby red

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