Skypoint CROSS – Hang gliding harness


The Cross is the result of an intensive further development of the Seedwing XR5. The main improvements to its predecessor XR5 are in the following details:

  • Due to the higher attachment of the leg loops, standing up was significantly improved.
  • The changed cut on the outer skin results in an aerodynamic improvement.
  • All pockets, except the photo pocket, are now inside the belt.
  • The placement and deployment option of the reserve parachute was an essential point in the development of the cross harness.
  • With the seal of approval, the new requirements regarding the release force (between 2 and 7 kg) were met so that the reserve can be released easily and quickly.
  • The position of the reserve parachute varies depending on the size of the harness.

Expected lead times are 2 days to 1 week depending on the supplier – Please contact us for more information

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The Cross has a split GRP backplate with slider, which ensures problem-free erection. The backplate ensures comfortable lying comfort and wrinkle-free outer skin. The lying angle is adjusted using an automatic clamping device. No mechanics or a lever with the butt have to be operated to change the lying angle. Simply take the desired lying angle and the automatic clamping device holds the position.

The standard knee padding along the entire length from the feet to the hip area has significantly improved the comfort. The Cross offers enough storage space for camera, radio, packing material, hydration pack etc. Of course, there are also 2 loops (4 in total) for a tow coupling as standard.

Another highlight is the integrated brake parachute container. Simply press the release handle at the desired moment and the brake screen is pushed into the airflow.

The aerodynamics in the shoulder arm area has been improved by the new cut in the neoprene. The pointed foot section forms an aerodynamic closure and contains a solid GRP box for the safe storage of various objects. The outer skin is made of durable Cordura fabric. Every cross is tailor-made by us and manufactured in the desired colours. In addition to the harness, the Cross comes with a spacious transport backpack with enough space for your flight helmet and an Austria Alpin steel carabiner.

Characteristics of the cross

  • Type: integral belt
  • Backplate with slider
  • Cordura outer skin
  • Integrated rescue container
  • Automatic reclining angle adjustment
  • 2 varying tow latch loops
  • The integrated brake parachute container
  • Integrated photo and radio pocket
  • Integrated packing and accessories bag
  • Weight 6.8 kg without the stuff sack
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