X Skypoint Funky Hang Glider 15 & 17


The Funky was specially designed for the requirements of flight schools, beginners, pleasure and fun pilots and convinces right from the first flight.

Thanks to its own computer-developed wing profile, it has extremely good-natured take-off, landing and flight characteristics that have not been found in this device class to date. The Funky easily forgives tax errors and swallows too early or too late to land without landing the pilot in trouble.

Flight schools appreciate the extremely good-natured properties and the low weight of the Funky and are therefore very happy to use it in training on the practice slope and in high-altitude training.

Expected lead times are 2 days to 4 weeks depending on supplier – Please contact us for more information

More Information

The newly developed pitch system includes crossbars, which are sewn into the sail without affecting the extremely smooth handling.

The hardware is largely comparable to that of our space and is also manufactured in-house. All tubes are made of high-strength Perunal 7075, which are very light and extremely stable, which is one reason for the low weight of only 21 kg (Funky 15) and 23 kg (Funky 17). Nevertheless, the Funky offers a high maximum take-off weight and is therefore also ideal for heavy pilots. A combination with a motor system or a mini trike is also possible with the Funky as with all our hang gliders.

With possible options, such as profiled trapezoidal tubes with rubber edges (Aerosafe), rubber or divisible base wheels, everyone gets their “own” funky.

We offer the Funky in 4 different sail designs (see picture below), but also own designs are possible on request. In this case, please ask us.

Technical data Funky 15/17:

  • Area: 15.3 m2 / 17.3 m2
  • Weight: 21 kg / 23 kg
  • Wingspan: 9.2 m / 9.8 m
  • Pack length: 350 – 490 m / 375 – 515 m
  • Elongation: 5.5
  • 2 nasal battens (remain in sail)
  • 6 top battens with clips per side
  • 7075 aluminum frame
  • Leading edge made of matrix
  • 30% double sail
  • Profiled trapezoidal tubes
  • Round speed bar
  • wingtip
  • tower suspension
  • DHV certified (DHV 1)

Optimal pilot weight without belt:

  • 55 kg – 85 kg (Funky 15)
  • 80 kg – 120 kg (Funky 17)


  • Trapezoidal tubes with rubber edges
  • Profiled speed bar
  • Choice of sail colors
  • Articulated joint / folding keel

17, 15

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