X Skypoint Space 2 Hang Glider (sizes 14 & 16)


We developed the Space 2 for pilots who have just completed their basic training on the practice slope and are now looking for a hang glider with which they can complete the high-altitude training and then call a device their own that they will enjoy after completing their training.

But even experienced pilots who are looking for an easy-to-fly device and do not want to do without performance, will have a lot of fun with the Space 2.

Expected lead times are 2 days to 4 weeks depending on supplier – Please contact us for more information

More Information

The Space 2 is state-of-the-art in terms of performance and safety, directional stability when towing, with a motor system or in connection with a mini-trike.

No matter how it is used, the Space conveys a feeling of security from take-off to landing.

The uncomplicated flight characteristics, the low weight and the glide performance unmatched for this class make the Space the fun kite.

The standard VG in connection with the high double sail share of 80% results in a large speed range (stable at 22 km / h and top speed at 85 km / h), this enables relaxed UL towing without great effort and a large range when using the Space with a motor system or on a mini trike.

The trailing edge of the sail is supported between the 2nd and 3rd batten by a fixed crossbar, which eliminates the swivel tip, which saved weight at the wing end.

The hardware is unique in this class and is manufactured in-house by us. Due to the high maximum take-off weight, the Space is also ideal for heavy pilots and combinations with an engine system or a mini trike are possible without any problems.

The space can be tailored to everyone with options such as profiled trapezoidal tubes with a rubber edge (Aerosafe), a profiled speed bar, rubber or divisible base wheels, a folding keel and, of course, sail colours of your choice.

Newly revised Space 2 “16” model 2017, especially the improved handling and the newly translated VG now make flying a lot easier.

Technical data Space 2 “14/16”:

  • Area: 14.0 m2 / 15.8 m2
  • Weight: 25 kg / 27 kg
  • Wingspan: 9.2 m / 9.8 m
  • Pack length: 350 – 490 m / 375 – 515 m
  • Elongation: 6.0
  • 2 nasal battens (remain in sail)
  • 6 top battens with clips per side
  • 1 bottom batten per side
  • 7075 aluminium frame
  • Leading-edge made of a matrix
  • 80% double sail
  • Profiled trapezoidal tubes
  • Round speed bar
  • wingtip
  • tower suspension
  • Effective VG
  • DHV certified (DHV1-2)
  • Maximum take-off weight:

    • 135 kg (Space 2 14)
    • 147 kg (Space 2 16)



  • Trapezoidal tubes with rubber edges
  • Profiled speed bar
  • Choice of sail colours
  • Articulated joint/folding keel

14, 16

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