Skywalk Joint – ENB tandem paraglider


One wing for two.

Flying together. Enjoying together.

With its huge weight range (100-200 kg for size S and 130-225 kg for size M), the JOIN`T 3 is the ideal companion for both lightweight and heavyweight couples. Two sizes offer both in the lower and upper weight ranges a rich feeling of flight with the highest stability. The rounded handling with smooth brake line travel is among the finest in the tandem class.

Expected lead times are 2 days to 4 weeks depending on the supplier – Please contact us for more information.

More information

The JOIN’T3 is the fun-glider of the tandems – whether in commercial or private use. The fun begins at launch because the low weight of JOIN’T3 means it’s easy to kite. After a surprisingly short takeoff distance, pilot and passenger are airborne. Its direct handling will thrill you in thermals, while losing altitude over the landing site, and while showing off to your passenger with some dynamic maneuvers. Thanks to its simple flaring, point landings with JOIN’T3 are easy.

Technical information

Size S M
Cells 49 49
Area flat (m²) 37,5 41,2
Area projected (m²) 32,0 35,2
Wingspan flat (m) 14,2 14,87
Wingspan projected (m) 11,2 11,73
Aspect ratio flat 5,37 5,37
Aspect ratio projected 3,91 3,91
Glider weight (kg) 7,2 7,6
Certified weight range (kg) 100 – 200 130 – 225
min. profile depth 64,8 67,9
max. profile depth 330,9 346,8

Your JOIN´T3 package

  • the biplace Tandem JOIN´T3 comes with:
    • 1x Compression strap
    • 1x Innerbag for glider
    • 1x Manual
    • 1x Bandana
    • 1x Self-adhesive repair patch
    • Stickers
  • Optional accessories:
    • Spreader Bar Regular (2 pieces)
    • Spreader Bar Soft (2 pieces)
    • Aluminium Carabiners Austri Alpin
    • Glider backpack (HIKE or ALPINE)

Blue, Orange


36, 41

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