Skywalk Mescal 6 – ENA Paraglider (Just Released)


The New Mescal 6

The MESCAL6 is our paraglider for training and your first flights in thermals. Experienced pilots will also appreciate its balanced flight behaviour and its truly simple features – especially when conditions at launch, landing or in the thermals are not easy.

Expected lead times are 2 days to 4 weeks depending on the supplier – Please contact us for more information.

More Information


New design features:

Agility System

More finely tuned sizes

Inward facing seams of the mini-ribs on the upper sail

New 3D shaping

Technical Information

Agility System

The Agility System is a revolutionary concept that we are using for the first time with the MESCAL6.
It is an adaptive system that allows you to convert between two brake line geometries – „Comfort-Mode“ and „Sport-Mode“


Depending on the mode, either the inner wing or the outer wing is articulated more strongly.

Comfort-Mode: Here the brakes initially emphasize the center of the wing. This mode is perfectly adapted

to training. The MESCAL6 reacts in the upper control range, the control pressure increases progressively and the pilot intuitively knows not to brake over the working range. The glider reacts directly to control inputs
in the ideal range for student pilots, but turns flatter. For inexperienced pilots the MESCAL6 in Comfort-Mode is therefore easier to fly while circling.
Spiral entry is slower, and the glider won’t dive into the turn as quickly.
Pulling the brake lines further will increase the bank angle without the maneuver becoming too agile.

Sport-Mode: In Sport Mode the outer wing reacts to brake line input much earlier. The MESCAL6 reacts more spontaneously and with more bank angle, the handling becomes more direct and lively. The working range moves down a bit, the control pressure in the working range becomes lower and the bank angle can be adjusted in every position when turning. This makes the MESCAL6 easier to handle in tight thermals or close to terrain, making it suitable for pilots who have already gained experience and have developed a feeling for the pressure point of the brakes.

By converting to Sport-Mode, the pilot can refine his feeling for the glider and take the next step without having to move to a new glider class.


For the conversion to Sport-Mode the three middle top lines of the brake are lengthened and the remaining top lines shortened. A sophisticated system allows the conversion to be carried out by the pilot himself. You only need a rigid foil; the brake lines don’t need to be untied. A detailed description for the conversion can be found in the PRO GUIDE and in the supplement included in the delivery.

As standard the MESCAL6 is delivered in Comfort-Mode. The conversion to Sport-Mode can be done by the pilot himself. For an additional charge the conversion can also be done by the dealer or skywalk.


Easier launch behavior due to lower overshooting tendency. Preparation for launch is easier with the new line setup.


Regardless of whether the MESCAL6 is flown in „Comfort-Mode“ or „Sport-Mode“, the brakes respond smoothly in the ideal working range for beginners and leisure pilots. The control pres- sure increases progressively as the brake lines are pulled. The glider is well damped, but gives so much feedback that the pilot feels everything happening in the air. Control impulses are converted directly, making the glider fun to fly long after training.


Due to the well-balanced flight characteristics, the climb behavior is very forgiving, which
makes it easy for the pilot to circle even in demanding conditions. The glider is very easy to control in thermals. Typical for the MESCAL series, the glide performance is outstanding for its class.

Extreme flight

The glider has very manageable flight characteristics in extreme flight. When releasing
big ears, the wing tips open faster and independently. The spiral is initiated more gently in Comfort-Mode. Both modes are homologated with LTF/EN A and are suitable for training.


Orange, Lime, Red, Blue


XXS, XS, S, M, L

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