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Falcon 4 tandem hang glider

The Falcon 4 Tandem is the third generation of the worlds most popular tandem glider. It adds to the features of the Falcon 3 Tandem with stiffer and lighter 7075-T6 leading edge spars, a higher batten density sail, standard speed battens, a refined sail cut with a new colour-layout and an option for an all-laminate sail. These new features provide for a 50 lb increase in the maximum hook-in weight and contribute to both lower stall speed and higher glide performance that is especially noticeable with tandem payloads. The Falcon 4 Tandem is equally suited to both aerotow and foot-launch operations and has been evaluated and endorsed by top professionals from Lookout Mountain Flight Park to Rio de Janeiro.

After about 200 flights on it, I must state: It’s the best tandem glider ever! Lighter built than the F3T it’s superior to the previous version in all aspects, performing outstandingly with heavy loads at foot launching and landing. Thanks Steven Pearson!
Konrad Heilman, Rio Hang Gliding

You’ll fall in love with it very quickly. Lighter, stiffer 3 part leading edge, turns flatter and lighter bar pressure. Goes up like a rocket.
Ian Clark, Skytrek Tandem Hang Gliding

Expected lead times are 2 days to 4 weeks depending on supplier – Please contact us for more information

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The Falcon 4 Tandem retains other distinctive features of the Falcon 3 Tandem, including an especially robust and wide control bar that comfortably accommodates the instructor and student and a heavy-duty trailing edge panel with our strongest and most durable woven fabric 240MT. The airframe and sail design combine to produce a glider with exceptional load carrying capacity, that slows down extremely well and retains excellent handling qualities across a hook in weight range from 185 lbs to 550 lbs. Foot landings are easy, with relatively light flare pressures, even in light winds.

Professional tandem instructors who have tried the Falcon 4 Tandem agree that it retains the great handling qualities and the best-in-class landing characteristics of the Falcon 3 Tandem with improved performance. The control feel and response remains consistent across the very broad weight range, providing students with the opportunity to gain real flight experience and build skills that will transfer over to their solo flights.


  • Refined planform and sail cut for increased load capacity
  • The stiffest and lightest leading edges that we’ve ever incorporated in a production airframe
    Front leading edge is 60/62mm 7075-T6 with 50mm 7075-T6 rear leading edge
  • New sail cut and colour options
  • Trailing edges speed battens to reduce flutter and improve sail life are standard
  • Heavy-duty control bar fittings and keel interface bracket, exclusively for the Tandem
  • Super strong 50 / 52mm 7075-T6 Keel
  • 1.25 x .095 control bar downtubes (25% stronger than AT68)
  • 1.25 x .095 control bar basetube (70% stronger than standard)
  • 64 in wide basetube (8 in wider than AT68 basetube)
  • 240 MT Square trailing edge fabric
  • Laminate sail options are available for Panel 1 or Panels 1/2/3/4 (the entire top surface)
  • 7075 – T6 Pre-formed Battens
  • Lever Rear Batten Tips
  • Full Leading Edge Pocket (Dacron) and Mylar Insert
  • Streamlined Kingpost
  • Spare Parts Kit, Team Hat, Bumper sticker
  • Comprehensive Owner / Service Manual and Batten Diagram
Specification Falcon 4 Tandem
Area (m^2) 21.2
Span (m) 10.9
Aspect Ratio 5.6
Glider Weight (kg) 32.2
Hook-In Weight (lkg) 84-250
Optimum Body Weight (kg) 100-216
USHPA Rating 2
Vne (kph) 80
Va (kph) 69
Vms (kph) 26
Vd (kph) 56
Length (in bag) (m) 6.42
Break-down (m) 3.96
HGMA Cert. 3/21/2016

9/14/2015 Ben Herring

Hi folks,
Mark at Airtime Above mentioned that I’m one of the early recipients of the F4 Tandem so I wanted to share some feedback (all good) with you on my experiences with it so far. And first of all, THANK YOU for hooking me up with the latest model!
So I’m a newer tandem pilot with around 150-200 commercial tandem flights. 50/50 aerotow to foot launch ratio. Tandem flights that I’ve been “Pilot in Command” for were almost exclusively with my F2 tandem although I’ve also used an F3, and an Atos VX. My lizard brain this year is exclusively dialled into my F2, foot launching from 7,000 ft MSL.
Foot Launching – I’ve really enjoyed significantly less bar pressure when standing on the launch, and throughout the launch run. I had thought my first launch was weak since I came off the hill without the usual grunting-level bar pressure but now after about 10 flights, my lizard brain has adjusted and I really appreciate the lighter feel. Like with flying, a light touch gives me a better “feeling” of the glider and all my tandem F4 launches so far have been very confidence-inspiring. Even with higher weight passengers than I would previously allow.
Since these F4 launches have been so great, I’m considering expanding my max foot launch weight from 165 lb passengers to 175-180 which will really expand customer base. On Saturday the F4 helped me take one of the heaviest passengers I’ve foot-launched, several thousand feet up to circle with the real birds which made my day as much as it did the passengers!
So far, my F4 foot launch hook-in weights have been between 180 lbs (just me) and 375 lbs. In my solo test flight, I felt like she wasn’t as responsive as my older F2 (which makes total sense in new vs. old). Maybe she will loosen up for solo flying although I realize I’m asking a lot since it’s not what she was designed for. Anyway, with only a 100 lb passenger, the glider feels perfectly responsive and compliant circling reasonably close into the hill.
Landing – I land on the wheels up here in a very small LZ (Lookout Mtn in Golden, CO). At the highest speeds, the F4 retains more energy when compared to my older F2! I can still put it on the spot but it’s noticeable when I do a big banked turn onto final with pull in to really get the speed up and burn down into the LZ. I may adjust my approach tactics a little bit in this regard.
I’m excited for the future with this wing and feel that the F4 has increased the safety margins for my foot launches here in Colorado. As a tandem pilot, safety is everything and I appreciate Wills wing for always improving and making this great wing even better!
Thank you!

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