Wills Wings Sport 3 – Standard & Race Edition Options


A Legacy of Innovation

The Sport series of gliders from Wills Wing has always defined what a sports class, the recreational high-performance glider should be. The Sport 3 brings that heritage to its highest level.

Aerodynamic Refinements

The most significant aerodynamic revisions to the Sport 3 are a redesigned sail and stability system that together provide for a tighter-flatter sail and allow for lower sprog settings. This lower twist sail both significantly improves high-speed performance and reduces pitch pressures at high speed. These changes also contribute to improved handling across the speed range and range of VG adjustment. The Sport 3 can also be configured with carbon fibre raked tips that increase the effective aspect ratio, reducing induced drag to further enhance low-speed performance.

Expected lead times are 2 days to 4 weeks depending on supplier – Please contact us for more information

Airframe and Hardware

The Sport 3 airframe introduces new tuning options to more effectively optimize the control and handling characteristics for a wider range of sail configurations and pilot preferences. Now it’s easier than ever to tighten an older sail or loosen a crisp new wing. The Variable Geometry System has also been redesigned to be more effective and easier to pull. A Kickstand Stinger is also included to make setup and breakdown even easier.

We were also focused on improving the fit and finish of the smallest details, like adding folded hems to zipper openings and optimizing every single patch for both appearance and effectiveness. Combined with the remarkable performance gains and the extensive service and support that you’ve come to expect from Wills Wing, the Sport 3 will exceed your expectations for sport-class soaring enjoyment.

The Sport 3 is available in Two Configurations

Options Sport 3 Sport 3 Race
Custom Colors in All Panels. Top and Bottom Yes Yes
Speed Battens Yes  Yes
Black Anodized Airframe and Hardware Yes  Yes
Kickstand Keel Stinger Yes  Yes
Round Speedbar Basetube on request Yes  Yes
Laminate Bottom Surface  Yes
Laminate Top Surface  Yes
Raked Tips  Yes

Note: Custom color choice, black anodized airframe and speed battens were options on the Sport 2 but are now included as standard on the Sport 3.  On the base model Sport 3, panel 3 and 4 are normally cut as one panel and are therefore the same material and color. If you select different colors for panel 3 and 4, there is a split panel charge for that option.  There is no extra charge for splitting P3 and P4 if you choose the Race Trim option.

Specification Sport 3 135 Sport 3 155 Sport 3 170
Area (m^2) 12.5 14.4 15.8
Span (m) 8.9 9.6 10.1
Span w/ Raked Tips (ft) 9.1 9.8 10.2
Aspect Ratio 6.4 6.4 6.4
Aspect Ratio w/ Raked Tips 6.6 6.6 6.6
Glider Weight (kg) 24.5 26.3 29.5
Hook-In Weight (kg) 61-94 68-113 79-141
Optimum Body Weight (kg) 59-70 70-98 98-125
Double Surface (%) 85
USHPA Rating 3
Vne (kph) 85
Va (kph) 74
Vms (kph) 30
Length (m bag) (in) 4.7 5.1 5.3
Break-down (m) 3.4 3.7 3.9

Pilot Review: Mitch Keebler

After a 30 year layoff, I returned to the sport of Hang Gliding in the summer of 2017. Back in the “day”, I was a fairly competent pilot (one of a few that flew 100+ miles at Lookout Mountain), and remember my last Wills Wing glider being the big HPII monster.

When I returned in the summer, I was amazed at the performance and lightweight of the Sport 2c. After a couple of mountain flights on a Falcon to get reacquainted with flying, I purchased a beautiful new Sport 2C. Nothing but strong raves about how it performed, especially compared to the gliders of the 80’s.

As most pilots do, I was chomping to purchase a new glider again in the winter of 2018 and was thinking of moving to a U2C. After a quick email to Steve Pearson with lots of questions about the U2C, he said: “be patient, and hang on”. A few weeks later, I noticed the beginnings on social media of a Sport 3, and found a clone of my Sport 2 is manufactured. I was definitely interested and pushed to have the glider delivered to Lookout after Wills Wing Demos days at Wallaby Ranch in March.


Size 135, Size 155, Size 170


Standard Option, Race Option

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