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The U2 is a very high-performance glider with handling characteristics suitable for pilots with intermediate and higher levels of skills and experience. The U2 is available in two sizes – 160 and 145.

The U2 was conceived as a very light-weight glider with performance approaching that of the much heavier, more expensive, and more challenging competition class wings. There are no reflex bridles – all stability systems are internal – so cable drag is minimized. Beginning with the 2009 model year, all lower cables are 3/32 1×19 un-coated, for additional drag reduction. Standard on the U2 is the new Litestream control bar, a Slipstream style, a fully streamlined bar that uses the same streamlined aluminium basetube as the Slipstream bar, but with shorter chord, easier to grip, lighter weight Litestream downtubes.

Expected lead times are 2 days to 4 weeks depending on supplier – Please contact us for more information

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Specially machined, fully streamlined aluminium corner fittings complete the Litestream package, which offers a more than 95% reduction in drag as compared to a regular AT-style streamlined control bar with a round basetube. The U2 features a curved tip planform and sports an exceptionally clean sail with 205MT leading edge and 205MT trailing edge offered as standard equipment, or available upgrades to UV-film laminated sailcloth. An extended bottom surface in the root cleanly fairs in the hang loop. For the 2009 model year, the U2 features an upgraded and improved sail cut that results in improved performance and even better handling characteristics. An upgrade to an all Mylar top surface is also an available option for 2009.

In the air, at the looser VG settings, the U2 offers, light, quick response coupled with forgiving handling characteristics. With the VG on, the gliding range at speed expands dramatically, and the glider tracks straight and true. The U2 uses a weight- and cost-saving conventional VG system. The result is an exceptional performance package that is extraordinarily accessible. The landing characteristics are very straightforward; handling is damped and predictable on approach, the flare window is broad and flare authority is ample.

Litestream Compatible Round Speedbar Basetube Option

We are now offering the option of a round speedbar basetube on the U2. This option is to address the requests of pilots who prefer the grip of a round basetube for comfort reasons, and pilots who want to be able to mount larger diameter wheels on a Litestream control bar. The photo shows the Litestream round speedbar mounted to a Sport 2, with Hall Wheels (not included) installed. We also have available VG compatible hubs for the larger 8 inch diameter Finsterwalder pneumatic wheels that allow them to be mounted on the Litestream round speedbar. Pilots should expect approximately 1/2 point in degradation of L/D by going to the round basetube over the streamlined basetube. The Litestream compatible round speedbar is a no extra cost option when requested on any new glider order.

The U2C configuration includes four of our most-popular and effective options for $1000, a $500 discount from the total of these items priced separately.

  • UV-film laminate (Mylar) sail body
  • UV-film laminate (Mylar) “window” bottom surface
  • Speed battens
  • Special-edition black airframe


  • Easy to Fly, Ultra-High Performance, Intermediate Design
  • Effective and Easy-to-Pull VG System
  • Litestream Performance Control Bar with Machined Aerodynamic Corner Fittings and Streamline Basetube
  • Internal Four-Sprog Stability System with Composite Transverse Battens
  • Button Spring-Lock Tang Attachments
  • 7075 Airframe (Keel, Leading Edges and Crossbar)
  • 7075 Pre-formed Battens
  • Premium 205MT Square Fabric Standard for the Leading and Trailing Edge Panels
  • UV-Mylar Laminate Options for both the top and bottom surface
  • Lever-type Rear Batten Tips
  • Bottom Surface Battens & Internal Shear Ribs Precisely Control Sail Shape
  • Extended Bottom Surface at Root Fairs in the Hang Loop
  • Curved Tip Planform with Sail Fit and Finish Comparable to a T2
  • Three Color Bottom Surface
  • Kingpost Hang Pilot Suspension
  • Medium Weight, XC–Type Glider, Control Bar, Batten and Tip Bags, and Velcro Sail Ties
  • Spare Parts Kit, Team Hat, Bumper sticker
  • Comprehensive Owner / Service Manual and Batten Diagram
Specification U2 145 U2 160
Area (m^2) 13.5 14.9
Span (m) 9.6 10.1
Aspect Ratio 6.8
Glider Weight (kg) 28.6 30.8
Hook-In Weight (kg) 64-100 73-118
Optimum Body Weight (kg) 64-77 77-95
Nose Angle (deg) 125 – 128
Double Surface (%) 84
USHPA Rating 3
Vne (kph) 85
Va (kph) 74
Vms (kph) 32
Length (in bag) (m) 4.9 5.2
Break-down (m) 3.6 3.9
HGMA Cert. 11/12/2003 3/20/2003

04/02/2004 Alan Sakayama – HG Pilot For 28 Years
My U2 145 flies great! It is a joy to fly. Easy handling and landing characteristics.
Steve Pearson was also very helpful in doing some custom sail work.

08/17/10 Bill Degen – HG & PG Supplies, New Zealand
Just had to say thanks for that U2 160 (UVM LE, Hydranet TE) that just arrived. It had fantastic performance and the handling was superb. I often wonder why I fly a topless when the U2s perform so well and give such great control.
All the U2 pilots here are very happy.

02/09/10 Ward Odenwald
Took the last flight from the Pulpit at Mc Connellsburg PA before the big snow. I guess you could say that I caught the last thermal out of there before winter really moved in. We’re expecting another foot tonight to add to the record near 3 feet dumped on us last weekend.
One happy U2 pilot!

08/26/09 Jonathan Dietch – T2, Sport 2 owner
Jonathan Dietch has posted a detailed report of his U2 160 demo flight at Sylmar.
“The U2 has a reputation for being easy to land and off-hand I have no reason to argue with that. I find that this U2 160 is even easier to land than my Sport 2 155. I landed with a 5 mph crosswind coming nearly perpendicular from my left. I inadvertently left the VG on at ½ and found no problem or surprises as I did a full-flare, no-step landing which left a big ole grin on my face.”


U2 145, U2 160

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